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Brand Protection

As a creative business, GTP takes protecting what we produce very seriously indeed.  Brand protection is crucial to us. We will always prosecute those who steal or copy our ideas to the full extent allowable by law.  It is the least we can do for our colleagues who work so hard on creating our exquisite designs, and our customers who are discerning enough to choose them.

What is Counterfeiting?

Counterfeiting is a form of theft.  Valuable goods are copied to con unsuspecting people into buying inferior imitations, which cannot be made with the same care or offer comparable quality to the real thing.  So, the originators of fine designs have their creativity compromised and customers are cheated.  For all these reasons, GTP fiercely guards our designs and is always ready to pounce on counterfeiters.


Imapact of Counterfeiting


The crime of counterfeiting not only robs our customers by selling you inferior goods, but also steals from our designers and other colleagues, whose hard work is wasted by customers deceived into buying cheap imitations.  If counterfeiters get away with their crimes, everyone loses except them.  The impact of counterfeiting is immense. If this issue were just about GTP and our customers, it would be very serious.  However, it is far greater than that — our employees and ultimately, Ghana’s economy is seriously harmed by this crime.

The last thing the GTP family wants is for our customers to become victims of crime.  We therefore invest a lot of time, effort and resources to help ensure the criminals do not use our good name to hurt you.  Our distribution and sales network comprises carefully selected partners, who we know we can rely on to do right by us and ultimately by you.  If you buy GTP fabric from a reputable source, you can always rely on its quality and value.

With the best will in the world, we cannot defeat the threat of counterfeit goods all by ourselves, or with our network of trusted partners.  We need help from the most important people in any business — our customers.  If you see any fabrics that claim to be GTP products, but are inferior, suspiciously cheap, or both, please do not buy them and more importantly, tell us where, when and if possible, who is selling them.  This will help us minimise counterfeit goods and ultimately keep prices of our genuine, high quality products down, so in reporting what you see, you will be helping everyone, not least yourselves.

Please, whatever else you do, avoid taking any risks. All we ask of you is that you tell us, report counterfeit by calling, using the website form below, or alerting the police. Make a note of the date, time, location and, if possible, the name of the business or vendor selling the suspect goods.

If you want to remain anonymous, please check the “I want to report anonymously” option below. Thank you!