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June, 2020: Tex Styles Ghana Limited, producer of the authentic GTP prints has released two collections unto the Ghanaian market: LOCKDOWN & FELLOW GHANAIANS.



Lockdown comes in four unique designs with each design expressed in 4 different colourways. These four designs depict some of the lockdown measures. One design depicts ‘No Flights’ to signify the closing of the borders. Another depicts ‘Stay at home’, while another shows the easing of some of the lockdown measures.

Why the name ‘Lockdown’?

Two main reasons: 1. To remind all and sundry of the safety measures and to practice them religiously. 2. We want generations yet unborn to know that once upon a time in the year 2020, a certain strange phenomenon called COVID-19 occurred which caused the whole world to go on lockdown in order to save and preserve life of the human race.





The Ghanaian COVID-19 Story cannot be told without the periodic national broadcasts by the President of the time, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. His speeches always began with the phrase, ‘FELLOW GHANAIANS’ which has become an affectionate nickname of His Excellency the President. 

This collection comes in three unique designs. These designs feature creatively the iconic pair of spectacles which characterises the face of His Excellency in different renditions. One design shows this motif as on the TV screen; another with his favourite classic GTP design and the last one featuring radio waves as his broadcasts go nationwide.

We trust that these new and colourful designs will create excitement around the GTP brand and together, we can fight Covid-19 and defeat it totally.





About GTP: GTP is a premium quality indigenous Ghanaian African prints brand launched unto the Ghanaian market in 1966. The brand comes in six different labels (Nustyle, Adepa, Safoa, Adepa Dumas, Nsroma & Institutions) with each label targeted at specific segments of the African prints market. All GTP products are designed, printed and distributed in Ghana by Ghanaians. GTP stands for quality, originality, and strong Ghanaian heritage.


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