GTP Blood Donors’ Club 25 Inaugurated – 2016/05/21

29th April 2016 Tema. GTP producers of the finest and best quality African prints for 50 years has demonstrated in various ways to one of the most responsible Corporate entities in  Ghana. The company has been supporting various sectors of the society in diverse ways. Adding to the list is the donation of blood to the National Blood bank, thereby the inauguration of the GTP club 25 with the aim of bringing together workers of GTP to help save lives by donating blood.

Blood donation BedsThe Inaugural ceremony which forms part of the company’s 50th anniversary celebrations was  hosted by Mr Kweku Addae who has a warped sense of humor and Chaired by Dr. Kweku Sarkodie. The chairman commended management and staff on their initiative to inaugurate the GTP club 25. He emphasized on the need of blood donation which plays a major role in saving lives. He also educated the audience on the health benefits of blood donation.

Kofi Boateng of GTP and Woodin appointed by Vlisco Group

Kofi Boateng Managing Director Vlisco Ghana Group.

The Managing Director, Mr. Kofi Boateng took his turn by welcoming the audience to the inaugural ceremonyand also stating the company’s contribution to the socio-economic development of Ghana such as employment, education, culture, fashion & health. On health, the company has donated over 15,000 bed sheets and pillow cases to some public hospitals in Ghana. He reiterated the importance of blood in the sustenance of life and assured the public of the club’s decision to donate at least 200 pints of blood to the National blood bank.




Mr. Michael Budu. President of GTP club 25

The president of the newly inaugurated Club 25 Mr. Michael Budu stressed on the club’s main aim of supporting the various hospitals with blood and also to create a pool of regular and safe voluntary blood donors. He further stated that 73 lives consisting of staff of the company and their relatives were saved through the club’s effort during its silent years of existence .The event was rounded up with employees donating their blood.



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