GTP Launches ‘Oga’ Consumer Promotion – 2015/07/09


Accra, July 3, 2015: GTP launches a new campaign dubbed ‘GTP Oga Consumer Promotion’. It is a three month campaign aimed at encouraging consumers (not Traders) to actively verify that the fabric they have purchased is indeed a genuine GTP product and therefore could be rewarded.

The biggest challenge GTP faces as an indigenous Ghanaian Textiles brand is that of counterfeiting and smuggling of its registered designs. As you may be aware, the textiles industry is essentially in the business of selling designs and colours. Therefore, when ones designs, colour patterns and other brand trademark properties are stolen, copied and sold at much lower prices, it presents a major source of concern to the owner.

Counterfeiting is not a recent phenomenon. Years back, counterfeiters only copied the designs and put their own labels and trademark on them. However, of late, they have become more daring copying every single brand property: they copy the designs and colours, labels, selvedge and have the audacity to put “Made in Ghana” on them. It is becoming very difficult for the casual observer or buyer to tell the difference between the original GTP and the fake one.

GTP has always looked for innovative ways to overcome the challenge of counterfeiting. In March, 2015, the brand introduced a new SMS-based value-added called GTP Authentication Service. This service empowers a buyer of GTP product to easily verify if what he/she has purchased is genuine or not.

This Service has opened up new sets of opportunities for GTP to reward her loyal consumers (not Traders). GTP OGA CONSUMER PROMOTION rides on the back of the Authentication Service. According to the Marketing Director of GTP, Rev Stephen Badu, it is GTP’s way of saying THANK YOU to all Ghanaians who buy more GTP product.

GTP Oga Consumer promotion campaign will run till 30th Sept, 2015. Refer to Promotions for details of this promotional campaign.

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