9 Common Office Fashion Blunders -2015/04/01

Ladies and gentlemen, let us take a moment of silence for the terrible fashion blunders that happen in our very own offices. They happen now with such alarming frequency that many of us are beginning to wonder if companies have a dress code at all.

Check the list of office fashion blunders below. Perhaps you will be surprised to find out that you’ve been unknowingly committing several fashion faux pas yourself. They say, ignorance is bliss, but you can no longer claim that you didn’t know better!

NuStyle for The Office

A Touch of GTP NuStyle for The Office?

Oops! Did You Really Wear That?

1. The Exposed Bra Strap

You’ve seen them, haven’t you? Strutting their stuff around the office, acting as if bra straps are the latest “in thing” in fashion? I admit, even I have committed this ghastly offence in the past, until a girlfriend of mine turned me on to the strapless bra (note to self: must get some flesh-coloured).

2. Stripes and Polka Dots

Here she comes, with the whole office squinting as she passes by. There are so many fashion trends these days, and everyone’s trying to jump on board while remaining ‘unique’. That’s fine in your own time—but please, keep it simple and tasteful for the office! You don’t want to be hard on the eye!

3. Pants Too Long or Short

This one is specifically for the fellas. You’re no longer a small boy who has outgrown his clothes or received his older brother’s hand-me-downs. Ask your tailor to make a small alteration. It won’t cost you much and could change the way your colleagues look at you forever.

4. Too Much Bust

Ladies, the office isn’t the place to be turning heads towards your chest. A man shouldn’t be talking to your breasts when he’s addressing you. I know–they’ll look anyway, right? Keep it modest. Let’s get people to remember us primarily for the use of our brains, so please, cover up a bit!

5. Multi-Coloured Makeup

There are so many dos and don’ts where makeup is concerned, but especially on wearing makeup in the workplace. The general rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Leave the rainbow-coloured makeup for your wild nights out with friends. Fortunately, we’re in an age where makeup tips are free and easily available via social media such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram – *hint hint!*

6. Visible Panty Line

Don’t like seeing guys in sagging trousers with their ass and underwear hanging out? Well, ladies, this is the female equivalent, and it’s way too much information for public display. Buy some lace panties or a thong! Get a bigger pair of knickers that don’t cut into your flesh, or simply go commando! Whatever you do, fix up.

7. Hooker Heels

Unless there’s a pole at your place of work, you shouldn’t be struggling to walk across the floor from your office to the customer help desk. You’re a health and safety risk waiting to happen. This is not a fashion show or a parade along the dusky side streets of a red-light district. Get yourself some cute, comfortable heels that you can actually walk in at work…all day, every day!

8. Over-accessorising

Long, acrylic multi-coloured nails attached on every finger. She now can’t hold or pick up anything. Three rings on each hand, several bangles, a necklace, sunglasses hitched-up over her weave-line, and two earring holes on each ear. Yikes! This is definitely one of those cases where less is… much more.

9. Tight Clothing

Guys, so, you’ve been going to the gym lately. You know, it’s really not hot to have you prancing around the office now in skin-tight clothes. Be a little more like Clark Kent and save those bulging biceps for out of office hours. If you’re one of those people struggling with weight-gain issues, you’ll need to watch your diet and exercise to lose the extra pounds. Keep in mind though, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day,’ and buy some bigger clothes in the meantime!


office fashion blunders

Conventional wisdom on appropriate office styles for women. But you can always mix it up a bit. Add a dash of style & colour.

There you have it! But just remember one thing. None of this advice will do you any good at all, if you’re a stranger to water, soap and deodorant. The prettiest girl in the office will have few friends at home or at work, if she’s not on top of her personal hygiene. And fellas, the same applies to you, “No Bushmen!” 🙂

So, how many of these office fashion blunders do you regularly commit? More or less than you thought? Any to add? Do you know someone who needs to change his or her ways? Why not share our office fashion blunders with them—and help them on the way to being the best dressed in their office.

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