mPedigree Powers Security Check for GTP Prints – 2015/03/09

There’s nothing more annoying than paying good money for what you believe to be genuine, authentic GTP African wax print, only to discover some time later that you’ve actually got a fake. The cloth you’ve bought is neither an original GTP design nor made in Ghana. In fact, it’s not even African at all, and the design has already began to fade after only a few washes. What do you do?

That was the sad scenario presented to our partners, mPedigree, a global leader in the use of web and mobile technology to protect brand-authenticity on manufactured goods. We wanted to create some kind of “security seal” for the African wax prints owned by Premium African Textiles Limited (PAT), as part of our ongoing fight against the scourge of international textile piracy.

We are proud to announce here today that mPedigree did not disappoint. GTP now makes it even easier for you to identify genuine GTP products from fake ones with a new authentication program known lovingly as “OGA” (or Original, Genuine, Authentic).

Testing the Authentication Service

GTP traders testing Authentication Service at Accra launch event.

Launched on 2nd March in a fanfare of excitement before an audience of registered textile dealers in Accra, the new digital technology powered by mPedigree will enable consumers to instantly authenticate GTP fabrics via a free Short Message Service (SMS), using a unique security code found under a scratch panel on each product’s label. It’s an ingenious idea to help combat textile counterfeiting, or as PAT’s Marketing Director Stephen Badu puts it, “the technology would become a permanent mark of quality, distinguishing GTP’s wares in a marketplace increasingly flooded by low quality fabrics.”

In line with the recent launch at a trade promotion event, wholesalers have been specifically targeted to act as direct intermediaries to drive home the new authentication message to resellers, and ultimately, on to consumers. It should take operatives at GTP headquarters no more than a month or so to replace all existing labels in dealer shops across the country, but thereafter, all product packaging should feature the new authentication information and process.

How to utilize the authentication service:

  1. Find the new silver stickers on the top left-hand corner of all GTP variant labels
  2. Buy and scratch panel on the sticker to reveal a 12-digit code
  3. Text the code to 1393, toll-free on all Ghana networks
  4. Receive a response within seconds confirming whether the product is genuine GTP or counterfeit


In the past, counterfeiters simply stole GTP designs and placed their own labels on them. But in recent times, they have become even more daring, actually duplicating our designs, labels and all other trademark properties as well. It is against this background that GTP has introduced this brand new security feature brought to you by mPedigree.

We hope that you find it quick and useful in determining genuine GTP fabrics from inferior fakes. Let us all help to fight this counterfeiting menace that is destroying our local textile industry. The answer is really very simple. Buy genuine GTP, and help grow Ghana.

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