GTP Staff Honoured for 1000 years of Service -2014/10/30

Five veteran employees who have collectively notched up 200 years of service to the GTP brand, were each recognised for their lifetime of service to TexStyles Ghana Limited as part of an annual ‘Long Service Award’ celebration in Tema. In total, the company honoured 49 employees who had each served between 10-40 years with the firm. Awardees received a certificate of recognition, special GTP prints, and an undisclosed cash sum, with special commendations going to the five main veterans who had each served the company for 40 years of more.

Serving GTP 40 years

Serving GTP for 40 years or more, Nelson Ahorlu, Thomas T Aryee, Emmanuel Nartey, David Aggrey and Clemence Abodakpui (left to right). Helping them to cut the cake is Mrs Baaba Owusu-Ansah, Woodin Product Director.

Presenting the awards, managing director Kofi Boateng, himself an awardee of 35 years, thanked all the recipients for their enormous contribution in making GTP and Woodin the successful brands we know today. With the 49 staff in question contributing in excess of 1,000 years of service collectively, he remarked, “Although our gesture is quite modest compared to the number of years you have individually and collectively invested in the business; this is our way of saying, thank you very much for your loyalty and dedication.”

GTP Long Service Award Recipients

The ‘Big 5’ in joyous mood.

Asked why they’ve stayed so long with the company, each of the veterans echoed the same phrase, “GTP has become like family” over the years. So there you have it. If you’re looking for a career to last you a lifetime, surf on over to the careers section of our website to search out current vacancies or put in an application if you think you’ve got what it takes. Whether intern or seasoned sales, production or other professional in the textiles industry, perhaps you’ll be one of those receiving a Long Service Award in 10 to 40 years time.

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