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In this section, you’ll find answers to some of the more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the use of Gtpfashion.com, our services and products, etc. 

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[av_toggle title=’Can you make a cloth for my church / school / wedding?‘ tags=’Design’]
Yes. We produce customized prints for all kinds of individuals, events, and organisations. Our minimum order size is 200 pieces or 2,400 yards.
[av_toggle title=’Can we use our own designs for Institutional Orders?‘ tags=’Design, Production’]
Yes, of course, provided the designs will conform to our printability requirements. Printing on fabric is slightly different to the normal paper sample process.
[av_toggle title=’Can we write our name at the selvedge?‘ tags=’Production, Design’]
Unfortunately, no. Ghana Standard Authority regulations require that the only information on the selvedge is the country of production and the company that produced the cloth.
[av_toggle title=’Can we pick from existing designs?‘ tags=’Design, Production’]
We always create new designs that suit your purpose.
[av_toggle title=’Are there different types of fabric to choose from?‘ tags=’Production’]
Yes, there are two types of fabrics to choose from when placing an Institutional or Customized Order. The normal cotton fabric, and the thicker Woodin textured cotton.
[av_toggle title=’What is the minimum Institutional / Customized Order size?‘ tags=’Production’]
The minimum quantity per Institutional / bespoke order is 200 pieces of GTP fabric or 2,400 yards.
[av_toggle title=’What is the Institutional Order process?‘ tags=’Production’]
The Institutional or Customized Order process looks something like this, and last approximately 9 weeks:

The option of 1-3 sketches at roughly GHC 100.00 each

2. ENGRAVING – 2 weeks
Each colour in the design process is translated to screen at GH¢180.00 per screen.
The full cost of cloth production is paid at this stage.

3. PRINTING – 4 weeks
Cloth printing is charged per 12 yards with a choice of two fabric types

  • 1ST QUALITY Normal Cloth – GH¢160.00 [incl VAT]
  • 1ST QUALITY Woodin Cloth – GH¢215.00 [incl VAT]

Prices here are estimates. Actual quotes valid for one month only.
[av_toggle title=’Can the process time be reduced?‘ tags=’Production’]
Yes. If you come along with a design that meets our printability requirements, that will save you 3 weeks lead time.
[av_toggle title=’Can I change my mind or cancel my Institutional / Customized Order at any time?‘ tags=’Production’]
You may cancel your order at any time before full payment is made and the production process begins.
[av_toggle title=’Do you deliver after production?‘ tags=’Distribution’]
We do not deliver orders to our client’s premises. However, we do do have 12 offices in 10 regions across Ghana:

  1. Accra
  2. Kumasi
  3. Cape Coast
  4. Koforidua
  5. Takoradi
  6. Akim Oda
  7. Sunyani
  8. Techiman
  9. Dunkwa
  10. Ho
  11. Tamale
  12. Bolgatanga

We would be happy to deliver to the nearest regional outlet for your collection.
[av_toggle title=’Where can I find my nearest GTP retail outlet?‘ tags=’Distribution’]
You can now purchase GTP products at any Woodin retail store or kindly search our Where to Buy directory for the nearest retail point. You may also add a listing for approval at any time.
[av_toggle title=’Do you export GTP products?‘ tags=’Sales, Distribution’]
Yes. We sell small amounts of GTP products to Nigeria, Benin, Niger, Ivory Coast and DR Congo. But in our brand portfolio, GTP is positioned as a local brand, and we have therefore focused our attention on the Ghanaian market.
[av_toggle title=’Are GTP products available in the USA, Canada, Europe or the Caribbean?‘ tags=’Distribution’]
Currently we have no official distributor in the USA, Canada, Europe or the Caribbean. Who knows, perhaps you could be that person in your region!!
[av_toggle title=’How do I order GTP products from abroad (ie. from outside Ghana)?‘ tags=”]
If you would like to order GTP products for delivery abroad, we would suggest one or two of our major distributors locally, who will be able to supply you with goods from their end. You can visit our Where to Buy directory for details of local suppliers, or contact us for more information.
[av_toggle title=’What retail quantities are GTP fabrics sold in?‘ tags=’Sales’]
GTP fabrics are sold in the following retail quantities:

  • GTP NuStyle = 6 yards
  • GTP Adepa = 12 yards
  • GTP Safoa   = 12 yards
  • GTP Nsroma = 12yards

[av_toggle title=’Do you have Recommended Prices for your products?‘ tags=”]

*Effective 3rd October 2016









GTP NuVo 4 72 82
GTP ADEPA 12 235 270
GTP SAFOA 12 122 165
GTP NSROMA 12   134

NOTE: Premium wholesale prices are only applicable when purchases are of more than one piece.
[av_toggle title=’How can I get to work for GTP in either marketing, design or production?‘ tags=’Employment’]
Current vacancies are posted on our website along with an Open Application form. Please follow the recruitment process listed.
[av_toggle title=’Do you take Interns?‘ tags=’Employment’]
Yes. Please see our special Internships Form.
[av_toggle title=’How can I model for GTP?‘ tags=’Employment’]
Models used in GTP events and promotions are always handled by third party agencies. We do not have a direct hand in the recruitment of any models or other talent.

Feel free to contact Spice Modelling Agency on 024 438 2737 for any help you may need on pursuing a professional modeling career.

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FAQ didn’t solve your question?

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