About GTP




Welcome to West Africa’s Leading Wax print and Textiles Brand – GTP

There are two companies behind the GTP brand – Tex Styles Ghana Limited (TSG) and Premium African Textiles Company Limited (PAT). These two companies form part of the VLISCO GROUP, the foremost group and leader in wax prints globally.

Tex Styles Ghana Limited (TSG)

TSG is the manufacturer of GTP products. The Company was incorporated in January 1966 as a wax printing business with its factory located at Tema, the industrial hub of Ghana. Its name was changed from Ghana Textiles Printing Company Limited to Tex Styles Ghana Limited on 1st January, 2004. It is the foremost textile company in Ghana and a leader in the wax prints market in Ghana.

TSG has two main product lines (WAX Prints and FANCY Prints). Negotiations for the building of the factory started in 1963 between the Government of Ghana under the leadership of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah and two expatriate firms – Unilever PLC of the UK and Gamma Holding of Holland.

The fortunes of the Company have been very diverse, mirroring the political and economic climate of Ghana. Though the factory has an installed capacity of 20 million yards, it is yet to fully utilize this capacity due to various challenges, the key among them being counterfeiting and smuggling of its designs.

In September, 2010, Gamma Holding sold its shares to Actis Group of UK who owns the VLISCO GROUP of companies. The current ownership of TSG therefore comprises: The Actis Group of UK, Government of Ghana and Truebrook.

Premium African Textiles Company Limited (PAT)
Premium African Textiles Company Limited (PAT) is responsible for the Designs, Distribution, Sales and Marketing of GTP brand. Gamma Holding purchased PAT previously known as UAC Textiles from UAC Ghana Limited when the latter decided to divest the company and concentrate on what it termed its core activities. The history of the company goes back to the pre-independence era. It is noted as the pre-eminent distributor of Dutch Wax (‘Hollandais’ or ‘Dumas’) in Ghana.

PAT has distribution outlets in thirteen locations spread across the country with its headquarters at Tema. The Company was acquired by Actis in September, 2010.